Our CAN Outputs Controller provides an easier solution than window switches on newer vehicles equipped with a CAN Bus.

The CAN Output Controller comes in two easy to setup configurations.

  1. $TBA With OBD Pass-Through Cable for easy access on OBD2 vehicles. Power and ground must still be supplied from a switched ignition source.
  2.  $TBA Without OBD Pass-Through Cable. Must be wired to a CAN source via the 10 pin cable leads.

Both configurations utilize the same software and hardware capabilities. Our controller includes:

  • Two (2) arming inputs for an external switch or trigger. (Ground is active)
  • Three (3) 1 Amp grounded outputs that are controlled by programmable conditions.
  • One (1) PWM capable output that can also be used as a regular output.

Utilizing data broadcast on the CAN network our controller can be programmed to monitor and activate outputs based on conditions you set. Applicable uses for this device are limitless. Some examples include:

  • Nitrous activation
  • Methanol injection
  • Boost control
  • Check engine light indicator for swap vehicles
  • Fuel pump relay activation
  • Fan relay activation
  • Shift lights