MapTools is very easy to use. If you’re just getting started have a look at the quick key list below and be sure to watch the tutorial video at the bottom of this page.



  • Windows: Simply run the install executable. Watch the tutorial video below for details.
  • Mac OS X: Open the .dmg file and copy the application to the Applications folder icon.




Once the application is installed launch the application and visit the preferences. New users enter your email address and password then hit register. This will automatically set you up with a ProEFI Logger license so you can open files on your ProEFI Auto-Logger. You can also open the demo files from the file menu.


Already Registered?

If you’ve previously registered simply enter your details and hit update license to enable all of your existing options again.


Software Usage:

Here’s a list of quick keys you can use to help you maneuver around the software.


Note: Command is the Control Key on Windows.

Working With Files:

  • File>Open Log File: Command-O
  • File>New Template: Command-N
  • File>Open Template: Shift-Command-O
  • File>Save Template: Command-S
  • File>Save Template As: Shift-Command-S


Working With Templates:

  • Template>Add Graph: Command-G
  • Template>Remove Graph: Command-F
  • Template>Move Item Up In The List: Control-Up
  • Template>Move Item Down In The List: Control-Down
  • Template>Edit Specific Item: Command-E
  • Template>Remove Specific Item: Backspace (Delete on Mac)
  • Template>Enable All Items: Command-A
  • Template>Disable All Items: Command-D


Maneuvering The Log:

Note: Alt is the Option Key on Mac OS

  • Log>Move Backward One Second: Control-Alt-Left Arrow
  • Log>Move Backward: Control-Left Arrow
  • Log>Play/Stop Playing: Space
  • Log>Move Forward: Control-Right Arrow
  • Log>Move Forward One Second: Control-Alt-Right Arrow
  • Log>Reset Zoom: Command-R
  • Log>Zoom In: Command-Equals (=)
  • Log>Zoom Out: Command-Minus (-)


Tutorial Video: